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A. Expressing  of congratulation
Expressing of congratulation is espression that use to said congratulate to someone when get a succes.
Here are some expression of congratulating and their proper responses.

* i'd be the first to congratulate you on....
* i'd like to congratulate you on...
* please accept my warmest congratulation.
* may i congratulate you on....
* i must congratulate you.
* it was great to hear about...
* congratulations!
* congratulation on..!
* well done/fantastic!

* it's very good of you yo say so.
* how nice of you to say so.
* thank you very much for saying so.
* i'm glad you think so.
* oh,it's nothing special actually.
* oh, i have a lot to learn yet.
* oh, not really.
* oh, nothing to it, actually.
* oh thanks

:) dialogue of congratulations

Teacher: 'Mia, how is your stand so far?'
Mia      : 'it's great! i have sold ten items,mam'
Teacher: 'Congratulations! your stand is the most popular one.'
Mia      : 'thank you,mam.'

B.  Compliment 
Compliment is expression that use to give praising to other people.
* excellent!
* good job!
* nice work!
* good grade!
* you look great!
* you look very nice/beautiful/handsome
* what a nice t-shirt!

C. Expressing gratitude
expressing gratitude is also called thanking.
we say 'thank you' when people give us something,help we do something,give a compliment,wish us something,etc.

Expressing gratitude
* i'm so grateful for....
* thank you very much for...
* thank you for...
* that was nice of you. thank you.
* thanks a lot for....
* i really appreciate...
* thanks./many thanks.
* thanks a million.
* thanks a lot.

* don't mention it.
* it was my pleasure.
* you're wellcome.
* no big deal.
* i'm glad that i can help you.
* my pleasure.
* forget it.
* that's what friends are.
* it's all right.

:) Dialogue of expressing gratitude

Rony: 'Viona,are you online?'
Viona: "yes. what's up?'
Rony: 'may i use it for a while? i need to browse some articles for my history paper.'
Viona: 'sure. use it as long as you need. i'm done.'
Rony: 'thank you very much.'
Viona: 'you're welcome.'

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